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Offside Trap Drills

Offside Trap Drills – Mastering the Offside Trap

Now, I know this might not be a drill that everyone likes playing and mucking about with or having some banter, however in order to be able to play the beautiful soccer game you have to be trained in the offside trap. I am going to show you about the offside trap from a defenders’ and […]

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Wembley Playground Soccer Game

‘Wembley’ : Everyone’s Favourite Playground Soccer Game

Now, this is a mini versioned soccer game that I always play with my buddies at school if we don’t have enough players to play a soccer game during the interval. This is how you play the game:One player goes in goalAll the outfield players play an all versus all game and have to tackle all […]

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Defenders Training Drills

Last Man Defending Drill

For all the hopeful defenders out there then this is the drill for you. This drill will improve your tackling and strength off the ball and make you a better all-round defender. This is how to do it… One attacker runs with the ball at the goal trying to get past the defender to score […]

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Barcelona’s El Rondo Passing Drill

This drill is not a trick or anything exquisite used by professional footballers, however in order to become a great footballer you need to be able to practice the basics and work on your soccer drills with your team mates. The ‘El Rondo’ training drill is based on passing and is a good practice for something to […]

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Crossbar Challenge

The Crossbar Challenge

All of the players taking part stand in a line and wait for their turn. One player at a time stands from the distance that you set and strike a ball, aiming for the ball to hit the crossbar. If no one hits the crossbar then the closest one wins. If more than one person […]

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