Defenders Training Drills

Last Man Defending Drill

For all the hopeful defenders out there then this is the drill for you.

This drill will improve your tackling and strength off the ball and make you a better all-round defender.

This is how to do it…

  • One attacker runs with the ball at the goal trying to get past the defender to score a goal
  • The defender’s job is to try and tackle him so he doesn’t score a goal

It is a very good drill for defenders and strikers as it tests themselves against an opponent and will be a good test for goalkeepers if the striker manages to get a shot off.

You’ll see this situation happen in many games and the pressure is really on, so it’s best if you practice this drill to make sure you know what you’re doing when the spotlight is on you.

I play this with my friends at school and we make a game out of this.

  • If the striker scores a goal, he gets one point
  • If the defender makes a tackle he gets one point
  • If the goalkeeper makes a save he gets one point
  • If the striker misses the goal, he loses a point

The game continues until one of the players gets 5 points, and then the winner gets to choose which position they play in for the next game!!!

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