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Brazil Italy 1982 World Cup

Italy 3-2 Brazil 1982 World Cup

On the 5th July 1982, at the Estadio Sarria in Barcelona, Italy and Brazil faced off. For Italy, they HAD to win to stand any chance of progressing to the next round of the World Cup due to their inferior goal difference, and for Brazil it was a ‘must not lose‘ game, otherwise that would […]

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World Cup Final 1966 – England 4-2 West Germany

The 30th July 1966 is one of the greatest days in the history of English soccer, as it is (still) the only time England have ever won the greatest competition in soccer. It was a beautiful sunny day, around 23 degrees Celsius, and a crowd of 96924 piled into the Old Wembley stadium ready to […]

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Coronavirus Soccer

Coronavirus: What Does this Mean for Soccer?

There are more important things in life than football (not much more, but still), and one of the more important things is health, which is currently under threat following the outbreak of COVID-19. As a result of this, football all across Europe has been suspended. The Bundesliga has been suspended until April 2nd, the Premier […]

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Evaluating The Art of Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander Arnold

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since September, you will know that Liverpool are running away with the English Premier League, and some key reasons for this is Jurgen Klopp being a tactical genius, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, or Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander Arnold Liverpool`s Formation Under Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool have adapted […]

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Title Decider 1989 – Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal

On the 26th May 1989, Liverpool welcomed Arsenal to Anfield in what turned out to be the title decider. Before the game kicked off, Liverpool were 1st in the league on 76 points, with a goal difference of +39, and Arsenal were 2nd in the league, sitting on 73 points with a goal difference of […]

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Classic Match – France 4-2 Croatia (World Cup Final 2018)

On the 15th July 2018, France and Croatia came head to head to decide who would be crowned the Champions of the World. Both teams came into the game with confidence oozing out of them. France had beaten Belgium 1-0, and Croatia had come from behind to beat England 2-1 after extra time. France were […]

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The Rabona

The Rabona: How to do it and it’s Explanation

It has to be one of the coolest tricks in the box and if you can master it you’re going to get a lot of street credit. Amazingly, the ‘Rabona’ has been around since 1948, however, it’s shot to fame more recently, especially with the intense media coverage we get on all games these days. If […]

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Chelsea FC-The history of the club

In 1904, a man called Gus Mears attempted to make the Stamford Bridge athletics stadium into a soccer ground. It was supposed to be for nearby club Fulham, however they turned it down. So Gus Mears decided to establish his own soccer club to play in the stadium. Since there was already a team called […]

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Greatest Soccer Players

Who are the Greatest Soccer Players of All Time?

In this post, I, Junior Soccer Coach, am going to be comparing some of the true legends of soccer together to see who really is the best in the world.  This will contain the greats such as Neymar, Pele, Ronaldinho, Messi and C Ron (Cristiano Ronaldo.) Please note all stats are correct up to 6.6.17 […]

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Offside Trap Drills

Offside Trap Drills – Mastering the Offside Trap

Now, I know this might not be a drill that everyone likes playing and mucking about with or having some banter, however in order to be able to play the beautiful soccer game you have to be trained in the offside trap. I am going to show you about the offside trap from a defenders’ and […]

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