Barcelona’s El Rondo Passing Drill

This drill is not a trick or anything exquisite used by professional footballers, however in order to become a great footballer you need to be able to practice the basics and work on your soccer drills with your team mates.

The ‘El Rondo’ training drill is based on passing and is a good practice for something to use in the game, especially when you want to keep possession of the ball like the mighty Barcelona and their infamous ‘Tiki Taka’ style.

This is one of my favourite drills and I like to use this with my friends at school when we have a break or when we are warming up for one of our soccer games.

The rules of this passing drill are simple:

  • One interceptor stands in the middle of a circle of players.
  • The players forming a circle pass the ball to each other whilst the interceptor attempts to tackle or block the ball with any part of their body apart from their arms or hands.
  • If someone around the circle gives the ball away to the interceptor then the player goes in the circle as the interceptor and the old interceptor goes into the circle with all the other players.

The good thing about this drill is that you can do it with as many or as few  players as you like, as long as the number in the middle is fewer than those on the outside. Typical formations fort this drill are : 3v1, 4v2, 5v2 & 6v3

Want to see how the professionals do it?

Watch this video below and you will see what fun this drill can be and how you can really improve your soccer skills to be like your Barcelona heros:

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