Offside Trap Drills

Offside Trap Drills – Mastering the Offside Trap

Now, I know this might not be a drill that everyone likes playing and mucking about with or having some banter, however in order to be able to play the beautiful soccer game you have to be trained in the offside trap.

I am going to show you about the offside trap from a defenders' and a strikers' perspective.

For defenders, you are looking to work together with your other teammates to run forwards and catch the striker offside.

For attackers, you are looking to run in behind the defence and then be one on one with the keeper.

Defenders have to stay in a line and move forward when the striker is behind them when the ball is about to be played.

If you succeed, the striker is offside, but if you fail then the striker is clean through onside against the goalkeeper.

If you don't have enough players to practice this drill, then don't worry, you can practice with fewer players but as a minimum you'll need:

  • 2 defenders
  • 1 attacker
  • 1 crosser

This is a really great drill to practice working with your team mates as a defender, because if one of you isn't paying attention the striker is played on side and is in on goal.

A big part of an attacker's game is the ability to stay on side and pounce at any opportunity, so this really is a worthwhile drill.

...not sure about the offside trap? then watch this video below:

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