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The Rabona

The Rabona: How to do it and it’s Explanation

It has to be one of the coolest tricks in the box and if you can master it you’re going to get a lot of street credit. Amazingly, the ‘Rabona’ has been around since 1948, however, it’s shot to fame more recently, especially with the intense media coverage we get on all games these days. If […]

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The ‘Impossible’ Scorpion Kick

The scorpion kick might not be as well known as a lot of other skills and tricks, however pros like Manchester United’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud are certainly up there with the perfect scorpion kickers. This is how you do it. As the ball is played to you at around about head height, […]

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The ‘Insane’ Ronaldo Chop

We all know that Real Madrid are certainly up there with the best soccer teams in the world, and this is mainly down to the insane, mind blowing tricks of Cristiano Ronaldo. One example of this is his very common and very well known trick to weave past defenders called the Ronaldo chop. To practice […]

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