Wembley Playground Soccer Game

‘Wembley’ : Everyone’s Favourite Playground Soccer Game

Now, this is a mini versioned soccer game that I always play with my buddies at school if we don't have enough players to play a soccer game during the interval.

This is how you play the game:

  • One player goes in goal
  • All the outfield players play an all versus all game and have to tackle all their opponents and score a goal
  • All players will shoot in the same goal (the only one the goalkeeper is standing in)
  • Whoever scores a goal goes through to the next round and sits on the side of the pitch and waits
  • We keep doing this until it comes down to the last two people
  • Then, out of the last 2 players, whoever scores goes through to the next round and the one who doesn't is eliminated from the contest.
  • He/she can no longer take part.
  • We keep doing this and reducing the players in each round until there is a winner!

I really like playing this game as it is a great way to practice your individual soccer skills against your friends.

It's all against all so you need to fight your way through the different rounds and survive the pressure of the final to pick up the coveted trophy at Wembley!

The good thing about this game is that you can play with as many players as you like, as long as you have the time to get through all of the rounds!

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