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The Winger

The Winger

Whether you are a coach, a seasoned soccer player or you’re just starting at soccer, there are some crucial principles you will have to understand intimately in order to be effective at your roles. For instance, as a player you must always seek to play in the position that will best showcase your skills and […]

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Soccer Scrimmage

What is the Definition of a Scrimmage in Soccer?

As a coach or even as a player you may have thought to yourself, what exactly is a soccer scrimmage? Well, it can simply be described as unstructured plays that are mostly done for practice or recreational purposes. The format of scrimmages may or may not adhere to the normal rules of the game. In […]

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68 Soccer Nations where Women are on Top!

The women’s game is undoubtedly becoming more and more popular worldwide and in terms of participation numbers is the biggest in the world across women’s sport. In 2015 a staggering 764 million viewers worldwide watched at least 1 minute of the women’s World Cup final making this the second most viewed FIFA competition after the Men’s […]

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Soccer formation tactics on a blackboard

The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Formations

Soccer is evolving like never before! Long gone are the days when there was only one accepted method of trying to win matches and every team used to try and play the same way with the same soccer formations. Soccer tactics and formations are now a kaleidoscope of different ideas and innovations. In fact, the modern […]

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Soccer Captain

What Does it Mean to be a Captain?

When young kids dream of making it to the top as a soccer player, many also dream of being their team’s captain as very often they are seen to be the most important player in the soccer team, but is that really true? What does it mean to be a Captain? In truth there are some […]

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soccer field dimensions

How Big are Soccer Fields?

We all watch top level soccer and see the best players in the world demonstrating their skills on the world stage but have you ever stopped to wonder just how big are soccer fields? When we see the best players in the world hitting long passes across the full width of the soccer pitch, just how […]

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soccer goal dimensions

What are the Dimensions of a Soccer Goal?

Whilst it is often taken for granted and very little thought is given to how wide a soccer goal is, it’s hard to think of another aspect of soccer which is more important! The entire game of soccer and the associated excitement factor is based around moments when the ball either goes into the goal […]

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motivational chants

Motivational Pre-Game Soccer Chants

Like teams from other sports, some soccer teams use pre-game motivational chants to get themselves in the zone and to prepare mentally for the game.Why should you use pre game chants for Soccer?Going into your soccer game in the right frame of mind is essential if you want to perform at your peak and do […]

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funny punishments

Funny Punishments for Losing a Game

Soccer teams are very well known for their inventiveness when it comes to coming up with funny punishments for losing a game, so we take a look at some of the most famous silly punishments in the game. In fact, such is the competitive nature of many soccer players that even losing in training sessions can […]

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position numbers in soccer

Soccer Position Numbers Explained

With so many position numbers in soccer and with so much innovation to have taken place in the game in the last 20 years adding more all the time, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different position numbers on a soccer team. Here we look at a range of the most popular […]

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