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Soccer Positions Explained

Soccer Positions Explained and How to Master Them

In soccer, every team is made up of eleven players who all play a distinct role just as in other games like baseball and basketball. Traditionally, these roles were divided into offensive and defensive players but as the game evolves over time, soccer players have varying game play and can fulfil multiple roles over time. […]

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Second Striker Soccer Position

The Second Striker

The second striker is a role normally seen in teams that utilize a two-forward alignment form of play. Usually, the second striker plays very closely to the striker by either falling back to act as the playmaker, or surge forward to thwart any offside traps. When played to perfection, this position can cause devastating effects […]

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The Midfielder Soccer Position

Central Midfielder

Unlike defenders and strikers, the central midfield position requires a special type of player. This is because he does not have a defined role and needs to be skilled on both sides of the pitch. Additionally, this role changes from time to time and requires the player to play the whole length of the match. […]

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Center Forward Soccer Position

The Centre Forward

In this article, we will look specifically at the center forward position, a prominent soccer position that is solely focused on one thing: converting chances into goals. In theory, every position is supposed to cover a specific area of the field. This includes how far forward or back the position is supposed to fall, as […]

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Wide Midfield Soccer Position

Wide Midfielders

Together, the right and left midfielders can be collectively referred to as the wide midfielders. Like wingers, they will be normally stationed in a wide role, but charged with an equal distribution of both attacking and defensive duties. This is where they differ with wingers, who start wide and tend to stay outside, focusing on […]

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The Wingback Soccer Position

The Wingback

Not every soccer team in the world uses a formation where the wingback position is necessary. Nonetheless, those that do may do so with devastating effects to the opposing team using such talents as Brazil’s Roberto Carlos. The wingbacks can romp up and down the field, from defense, to midfield, right up to the rival’s […]

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Playmaker Soccer Position

The Playmaker

To tear through a well-guarded defense in soccer, it takes a special type of player. It is more than just mere speed, or step-overs that is needed to confuse some defenders. Instead, it has more to do with having the intelligence to see openings that are concealed from everyone else, matched with impeccable passing techniques […]

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Goalkeeper Soccer Position

The Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper or goalie is the last player in the defensive backline and his/her main role is simply to prevent opposing players from getting the ball over the goal-line. This is done by either catching, clearing or re-directing threatening shots, thus ensuring the ball does not cross the goal-line. The goalie is mainly positioned between […]

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False 9 Soccer Position

The False 9

If you are a soccer lover, you must have noticed that nowadays, players’ jersey numbers no longer have to correspond to their traditional positions on the field. This is arguably one of the most conspicuous changes in the evolution of soccer, whereby you can no longer tell the game strategy by simply looking at the […]

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Center Back Soccer Position

The Center Back

Center-backs are sometimes referred as center-halfs or central defenders and they play an important role in the defensive line of any team. Players in this soccer positions are tasked with the role of defending the goal by preventing rival players from scoring goals. Center-halfs are often considered the backbone of a squad because they thwart […]

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