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Coronavirus: What Does this Mean for Soccer?

There are more important things in life than football (not much more, but still), and one of the more important things is health, which is currently under threat following the outbreak of COVID-19. As a result of this, football all across Europe has been suspended.

The Bundesliga has been suspended until April 2nd, the Premier League has been suspended until April 3rd and La Liga has been suspended for the next two weeks.

However, I highly doubt that football will be able to return in early April since this is only the start of the virus, meaning it`s only going to get worse.

How Will it Impact the Premier League?

Executives of Premier League clubs and Premier League staff are already proposing the plan to make this season void, meaning no one will win the Premier League, and no one will be relegated.

If this were to go ahead, it would be extremely controversial, especially for Liverpool players/fans, since they are only 2 wins away from mathematically securing the Premier League, with 9 games left to be played.

However, if Liverpool were to be handed the title, assuming the league were to be cancelled, then Manchester City fans would make the argument that it is completely unfair for them since they could still win the Premier League themselves.

Moving further down the Prem table, what are they going to do about the teams in the Champions League/Europa League spots. Providing Manchester City don`t overturn their two year UEFA ban, then who will replace them in the Champions League next season?

If they give it to 5th placed Manchester United, it wouldn`t be fair on Sheffield United, who have a game in hand, and if they were to win that game in hand, then they would go above Manchester United and into 5th place.

Moving on again, and if you look at the bottom five of the Premier League table, there are only eight point separating 15th placed Brighton and Hove Albion and rock bottom Norwich City.

19th placed Aston Villa are two points from safety, yet they have a game in hand, which if they were to win, would push them out of the relegation zone.

If no teams from the Premier League get relegated, then no teams from the Championship would be able to be promoted, which would ultimately be unfair for the teams who are in the driving seat to go up.

What Does the Virus Mean for the European Championships this Summer?

COVID-19 is said to peak in June, which is the month the Euros start. Other huge football companies such as FIFA are urging UEFA to postpone the 2020 Euros until the summer of 2021, when the virus (hopefully) has cleared up.

There would be no point in playing the Euros this year if half of the players who were meant to play couldn’t, because they were off ill, and the players would be playing the matches in front of empty seats, which completely kills the passion of our beautiful game.

What Do I think Will Happen?

My predictions are that the season will only continue if it re starts before next season does in August. If it doesn`t continue before August, this season`s Premier League will become void, and Liverpool will miss out on their first league title for 30 years, however it’s only fair.

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