68 Soccer Nations where Women are on Top!

The women’s game is undoubtedly becoming more and more popular worldwide and in terms of participation numbers is the biggest in the world across women’s sport.

In 2015 a staggering 764 million viewers worldwide watched at least 1 minute of the women’s World Cup final making this the second most viewed FIFA competition after the Men’s final and with the next World Cup due to kick off in Russia this summer, we thought it’s time to compare the men with the women and find out which nations have more successful teams.

We compared the latest rankings for the men against the women from March 2018, and have complied the results for you in the infographic below:

Womens Soccer Nations Inforgraphic

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Hopefully, this information will give women in countries in the top half of the table bragging rights over their male counterparts, where they are clearly outranking them.

To be honest this was just a bit of fun to have a quick snapshot across some of the top countries, but may not be truly representative of the disparity in some countries between the genders. For example, we did not include a comparison across countries where the women’s team do not have a ranking at all.

I’d love to do a deeper study into this one day, which could show the level of investment into the men and women's game as well and add that as another component to the table. I’m sure you could also find a correlation between women’s rights and the ranking of their soccer teams as well, but I’ll save that for another day and leave this as a light-hearted look across sexes for the game that we all love so much.

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