The ‘Impossible’ Scorpion Kick

The scorpion kick might not be as well known as a lot of other skills and tricks, however pros like Manchester United’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud are certainly up there with the perfect scorpion kickers.

This is how you do it.

  • As the ball is played to you at around about head height, quickly stick your closest leg to the ball in the air and make contact with the ball with the back of your heal
  • If you get a clean connection with the ball watch it sail over your head and into the back of the net

This is one of the most difficult skills out there, which is where it gets its name ‘Impossible’ from. To perfect this kick you will need to practice with your friends again and again and one day, one of those might just go in!

One thing you really need to do is focus on the ball as it is crossed over to you and try to get into its line of flight. If the ball is a good one then just go for it!

I scored one myself the other day, but to be honest it was more of a fluke than skill, but don’t tell anyone about this!!!

Anyway, enough of me…. watch how the pros do it:

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