Soccer Training Guide: A Comprehensive Way to Train for Soccer

When I was younger I would always complain to my parents when I had to go to any type of sports practice. I loved the games and I loved the competition but I did not like any sort of training. I found it boring and mundane, especially when it came down to doing the basics of the sport.

I was cocky, and I thought I was better than everyone else. This was because I was born with natural talent and at first, I was the best on the team. But I never paid attention in practice and would never give 100% unless we were in a game.

But then things started changing. As I grew older, especially in high school, I realized all my old teammates started surpassing me in skills. I was just not as fast as them, could not maneuverer the ball as well, and was not as accurate in my passing or shots.

I was  never on the bench, but now at all our games I never played. It was devastating to me, but I realized it was because I never stuck with my training. I always was more concerned with other things, and didn’t realize that overtime if you didn’t keep up with the basics, you wouldn’t be played.

Starting your training

This is when I had to whip my butt back into gear. I realized then that the only way I was ever going to be great was to be a team player and go back to the basics of shooting, passing, and dribbling (which I think are the three most important aspects of being a great soccer player).

I decided to put together my own soccer training guide to grow and become the player I wanted to be. It is through this guide that I went back to the basics, built on my endurance, and got back to playing soccer.

I am happy to say that by sticking to this guide and starting with it, I am back to being at a great athletic level and also am much more of a team player. I believe if you follow me soccer training guide you will see fantastic results.

Hitting the gym

The first thing I want you to do in my guide is get back to the gym! This is huge especially in a sport like soccer. Soccer is all about endurance and being able to give 100% for an entire game. When you get to the gym I want you to concentrate on building up your cardio.

First, do interval training on the treadmill by changing speeds at random. This will influence your running style on the field and build up your stamina. It is so important to be able to change speeds and direction easily during a soccer game.

Next, it will be time to hit the weights, but instead of going for the heaviest weights, I want you to concentrate on how many reps you can get in. I would rather you get in 30 reps with a lighter weight, than 10 with a heavier weight. This will tone your muscles and influence your ability to endure long periods of time using all your muscles.

Hitting the field

Next in this soccer training guide I want you to get to the field with a friend and focus on the three biggest things: passing, shooting, and dribbling. Passing is so important in the game of soccer as it allows you to play as a team, rather than just thinking about yourself.

With your friend, run down the field and pass the ball back and forth between you, practicing various ways to pass (using the inside and outside of your foot). This will allow you to pass while running. Next, have your friend be on defense and try and dribble the ball between your legs while getting around him or her.

This will recreate a game environment. Lastly, put your friend in net and take shots from across the entire field, solely concentrating on your aim.

Along with this soccer training guide I highly recommend watching YouTube videos to see drills in action. This will help you on the field know proper form while kicking and throwing a ball!

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