Soccer Goalkeeper Training: Training for the Most Important Line of Defense

I have always had big dreams to be a professional soccer player. Growing up I would watch my entire favorite teams every chance I got, and idolize all the best soccer players. It was something that I thought could’ve been possible and from the age of 4, I was in a soccer league.

Even though I never made pro, and this was my choice as I also had other interests, soccer has always been a huge passion of mine. It was a way for me to work out while also boosting my competitive edge. For years, I have also been researching soccer and various ways I can enhance my game.

Even though I am past the point of becoming a professional, and I’m out of college, I still want to improve my game to be the best player that I can be.

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Becoming a goalkeeper

A few months ago, I joined a fairly competitive recreational men’s soccer league in my town. Even though it was deemed “recreational,” these teams had players that almost went professional and even played college ball. There were people on the US National Team that would come out and play and it was a lot of fun.

However, at our first couple games, our team realized we had no one who wanted to be goalkeeper. Everyone on the team had a lot of experience playing defense, midfield, and forwards, but no one had played goalie for a long time. This was very unfortunate and each game we had to personally volunteer to be the goalkeeper.

When I went in net, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. Needless to say, we lost that game, and I committed myself to start my soccer goalkeeper training in order to be better. I wanted to become the fulltime goalkeeper for my team, but in order to do that I needed some great training.

Goalkeeper training

Anyone in soccer will tell you that probably the most important position on your team is a goalkeeper. If you have a fantastic goalkeeper, you are guaranteed to win, because at the end of the day, it is whoever has the most points that win. You may have the best power forwards, but if you have an untrained goalkeeper in net, you will not succeed.

I have been researching the best soccer goalkeeper training that you should follow in order to enhance your abilities! No one should ever stop their training, so even if you have been a goalkeeper for years, think of this as a refresher!

Become flexible with powerful legs

Even before you get in a net to practice being a goalkeeper, you must first enhance your body over all. Goalkeepers, first and foremost, must be flexible. You must be able to stretch your legs out as far as they will go in order to stop a shot.

I’ve seen too many beginner goalkeepers who have not stretched before a game, really hurt themselves by trying to keep the ball out. I recommend you go to your local gym and begin flexibility training. The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to inch your foot that extra bit to save a goal.

Flexibility also decreases your chance of injury as a goalkeeper, something you should be aware of! While at the gym, now is the time to increase the power, especially in your legs. Goalkeepers need to jump, and jump high, so in order to do that, you need to start doing leg weight training.

If you increase the amount of weight your legs can push, imagine how much further off the ground you will get when you jump. Before you hit the net, hit the gym!

Training in net

After you feel your body is ready, it is time to train in net! If you are just a beginner, simply get one player on your team to lightly shoot the ball to the left and to the right, so you can get the motion of diving and stretching your leg to make a save.

This will prepare your body for the motion. The more advanced you get, the more powerful the shots can be and you will be able to save a lot more goals.

I wish you all the best in your soccer goalkeeper training!

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