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Best Soccer Rebounder Reviews 2022 : A Soccer Net that Returns the Ball!

In this article we are going to give you the most detailed best Soccer Rebounder Reviews of 2022, but why are we looking at this piece of equipment in particular ad what are our recommendations?

Our Top Recommendations:

RapidFire RF150 Rebounder [Multi-Sport]  Double Sided Portable Rebound Net
SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer Portable Soccer Rebounder Net for Volley, Passing, and Solo Training
Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal (Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball)
Franklin Sports Soccer Rebound Net - Training Soccer Net - Perfect For Backyard Soccer Practice - Portable 6'x4' Net With Steel Frame - White
Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder Training Net, 6 x 12-Feet
RapidFire Football Rebounder
SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer
Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal
Franklin Sports Launch Ramp Soccer Trainer
Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder
Best for Volleys & Receiving the Ball
Best for Multipurpose Touch & Passing
Best for Goalkeepers - Height/Angles
Best for Heading & Chest Control
Best for Full size rebounder for Shooting
RapidFire RF150 Rebounder [Multi-Sport]  Double Sided Portable Rebound Net
RapidFire Football Rebounder
Best for Volleys & Receiving the Ball
SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer Portable Soccer Rebounder Net for Volley, Passing, and Solo Training
SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer
Best for Multipurpose Touch & Passing
Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal (Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball)
Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal
Best for Goalkeepers - Height/Angles
Franklin Sports Soccer Rebound Net - Training Soccer Net - Perfect For Backyard Soccer Practice - Portable 6'x4' Net With Steel Frame - White
Franklin Sports Launch Ramp Soccer Trainer
Best for Heading & Chest Control
Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder Training Net, 6 x 12-Feet
Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder
Best for Full size rebounder for Shooting

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A lot of people have asked me recently: "Why is it that if YouTube soccer stars like the F2 are so good at their soccer skills, they've never played a professional soccer game in their lives?"

Check this video out, surely with skills like these they could walk into any team in the world?

As a coach I would say simply answer is they've been practicing the wrong skills! Whilst they might have got the skills to pay the bills on YouTube, they would never cut it as a top soccer pro!

The F2 obviously practice – a lot – but with one simple change I believe they could have gone from making videos with 1 million views to million pound contracts as top soccer professionals. Instead of spending hours practicing individual skills they could have practiced team skills instead and if they’d have shown the same dedication I think it would have made them top players.

But how do you practice team skills when you’re by yourself or not in a team environment?

This is where I think soccer rebounders can make a huge difference and why as a soccer coach I've been checking out as many soccer rebounder reviews in 2020 as I possibly can. I think soccer rebounders are the difference between players who dedicate themselves to practice becoming soccer pros instead of sideshow amusements.

Develop Team Skills with a Soccer Rebound Board

Working with soccer kick back boards means you can practice team skills without the rest of the team and I believe there’s no bigger advantage than that.

Arguably the reason why soccer is the world game and the most played team sport on the planet is that by its very nature it is so simple. Find something to kick, find somewhere to kick it and some friends to play with and instantly you've got a game. That's why it is played in every corner of the globe.

The one thing that can sometimes hold you back from playing though is when you don’t have other people to play with and miss out on vital practice time.

It can be difficult to develop skills when practicing on your own. Sure you can emulate some of the F2 skills and make your own YouTube videos but professional soccer is a team sport and needs other things.

You can’t easily simulate receiving an awkward pass from a team mate under pressure or having to jump and head a ball clear of danger whilst just doing kick ups and tricks.

The only way to achieve that is to either get a team of players together and do some structured practice or get some equipment to help you. I think the development of soccer rebound boards and soccer nets that return the ball provides the perfect opportunity to develop team practice and structured play by yourself. This is why you will now find them situated around soccer clubs and soccer fields at all levels including Academies in the EPL.

Professionals Recommend Soccer Bounce Back Walls

There is a rumor that an English Premier League team has just spent nearly $25,000,000 on redeveloping their training complex to become a state of the art Academy and training center. Not so surprising when you consider all the money that is floating around in soccer, however what might be surprising is the fact that many of the Premier League players at the club have declared that the only thing they were really interested about getting was new soccer bounce back walls to develop their strikes and refine their own skills!

Even professional players at the highest level are saying that soccer rebounders are a game changer when it comes to sharpening your skills because it allows you to put in the hours of practice that are necessary to develop as a player and you can do it without the need for structured coaching or a squad of players to practice with.

You can set up your own drills and develop your own skills at your own pace and become the very best player you can possibly be.

For modern soccer players hoping to make their way in the game I think it provides a great opportunity which could be the difference between becoming a player with fancy tricks for YouTube videos and turning out to be a player who can play for the top soccer clubs around the world.

Consider Why you Want a Soccer Rebounder

But it is not as simple as jumping online and picking up the first soccer rebounder you see. There are quite a few things to consider when choosing your soccer rebounder. For instance you will need to decide which aspects of your game you’re keen to improve.

You might be a goalkeeper who wants a soccer rebounder to provide you with varied types of shots to save and the tension of the rebounder and the angles at which you can set it are important.

Alternatively you might be practicing by yourself in a confined space and the size of the rebounder and its target area might be important to you.

If you have space to move around in you might want to practice a range of different skills for example receiving the ball both at speed along the floor and having to cope with lofted passes in which case a dual sided soccer rebounder might be the most suitable for your individual requirements.

You might be a striker who wants nothing more than to endlessly practice your finishing and having a soccer net that returns the ball is of real value because it allows you to focus only on your practice.

It’s also important to decide what it is you are trying to improve specifically in your game by using a soccer rebounder.

I like to link all practice back to areas of improvement required in games. If I have a striker who needs to score more goals they will probably need to practice the accuracy and speed of the shots meaning that small target area might be best.

It could be that there is a defender who needs more heading work so I advise them to use rebounders that can deliver them aerial balls.

My Experience as a Coach with Soccer Rebounders

I recently worked with a young defender whose ground defending, tackling and ability to read the game were outstanding but as with many young players he couldn’t get over the mental hurdle of heading the ball. In my experience the only way to overcome this is with repeated practice to train your young brain that it is okay to head the ball and that if you do it right you won’t get hurt. He has been working by himself for a few weeks with a soccer rebound board that delivers the ball at an ideal height to head and he’s been heading ball after ball by himself to develop his skills. He’s now started to attack headers in his soccer games and is one of the best on the team.

I try to link the use of soccer rebound boards to performance in games as ultimately this is the true value of using one over standing kicking a ball by yourself to yourself.

Types of Soccer Rebounders

Other important questions to bear in mind are, do you have the chance to leave your soccer rebounder in place or are you going to have to take it down each time so are assembly times important.

Different soccer rebounders also have different levels of durability and are more suitable to different age groups. It might be that you’re buying something for a young child to learn their first soccer skills in which case are lightweight soccer rebound board might be adequate for your needs but if you are playing open age soccer and are looking for something that will withstand a variety of strikes then you’re going to need something more robust.

Soccer Rebounder Net

Soccer Rebounder Nets are selling like crazy now, so why don't you jump on over to Amazon, grab yourself a bargain and start practising your skills TODAY!

Soccer Rebounder Drills

Again you might like to think about what type of drills you will use your soccer rebounder for. Are you already practicing in a team environment? What are the drills that you can take from your team back to practicing on your own? Don't forget that it is here, the ability to complete team based practice in your own single player environment where the real competitive advantage is.

Here are some ideas of drills you can start to develop with soccer rebounders for individual practice:

If you have the option of working with a partner, here are some great ideas of drills for 2 people:

Be aware though that these are the practice drills of future soccer stars, not future YouTube stars!

So, What are the Best Soccer Rebounders in 2022?

In my opinion the true value in a soccer rebounder is when it allows you to practice a whole range of soccer skills needed in team play at once. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses though.

Here are some of the ones I’ve found:

  • This is a very robust soccer rebounder that will withstand even the hardest volley!
  • It is an adjustable rebounder meaning you can alter how the ball comes back to you giving you the chance to practice receiving the ball at different heights and speeds
  • It is a simple rebounder to assemble even if the instructions could be a little clearer!
  • The rebounder target area is quite small meaning you will improve your accuracy although you need to be quite an advanced player to master it.
  • This is a really good value soccer rebounder for developing basic skills and getting started
  • Portable Soccer Rebounder Net Works as a Soccer Volley Trainer, Soccer Passing Trainer and Solo Soccer Trainer.
  • This is a good sized soccer rebounder meaning you can use it at long range. Drilling in passes over medium to long distances is one of the toughest skills in the game and this really helps with that.
  • It is a dual sided soccer rebounder so you can practice receiving the ball at different heights and speeds
  • If there is more than one player using it you can all practice together as it is substantial and you can alternate between both sides
  • It is a really good soccer rebounder for both individual and multi-player practice. If you’re a coach you can leave a group working on this and deliver focused practice with different players
  • It is easy to transport and quick to assemble meaning you can take it to soccer practice with others
  • This soccer rebounder includes anchors so you can really drill your passes into it
  • This is a low tension soccer rebounder meaning the ball will come back at you at a gentle pace and will test different aspects of your touch
  • This is simple to assemble and the instructions are really clear
  • I found it to be quite a strong soccer rebounder so you can really let go with your passes and shots
  • It provides a substantial target area which means you can use it at range if you have the space to work in
  • Sometimes it doesn't stay anchored into the ground and so you may want to place something to hold it down
  • I've found it works best for young players up to age 12
  • Again, it has a really strong tension so the ball rebounds back at high speed. Great for practicing control and making sure the ball ‘sticks’ with you and doesn’t bounce off
  • The soccer rebounder includes really good anchors which means it will withstand even the strongest shots
  • 6 by 12 ft. target area gives you lots of opportunities to practice shooting
  • Ttakes about 30 minutes assembly time so you might want to leave it up in place if you can
  • I found it difficult to assemble as the parts were mislabeled
  • Really sturdy and will last a long time
  • This is a really great soccer rebounder for goalkeepers as you can adjust the angles and the ball flies off at different heights meaning you can make a range of different saves
  • Also possible to put together passing drills, both short and long, shooting and heading as it adjusts into several positions
  • There is an assembly video available online which makes it really simple to put together
  • This is a really sturdy soccer rebounder and will stand up to lots of use
  • It is all in one piece making it really simple to put together
  • Substantial target area which allows you to work at long range
  • This is a great soccer rebounder as it is an actual goal and so it allows one person to shoot and one person to be in goal if needed
  • You can use both sides of the soccer rebounder to develop a range of skills at different angles
  • This soccer rebounder does require two people to put together so isn't always the most practical
  • It is very solid though and is able to withstand a lot of use
  • It provides a useful shooting target area of about 5 to 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall so is ideal for ages 12 and under
  • This is really good as it allows you to both give and receive different passes on the same side without changing due to its angles
  • It is also possible to adjust the angles in play so you can practice a range of different drills
  • It has a good target area of 5' x 5' which opens up possibilities to play from range
  • It is easy enough to assemble but can be a tough stretch to get the netting on although this gives you a terrific rebound
  • It folds flat which makes it easier to transport and store
  • This is a small rebounder useful for confined spaces or for specific practice
  • Really simple to put together, took a matter of minutes
  • It is possible to adjust the angles for different skills
  • Good tension with small target area offers a good chance for quick passing drills
  • This soccer rebounder has a ramp at the front provides elevation to return passes and is ideal for developing heading, chest control and dealing with aerial balls
  • It has a net on the reverse side which gives a good rebound
  • It is really simple to put together and quite small when assembled so easy to transport
  • It is a durable piece of equipment although does have a tendency to move when in use
  • This soccer rebounder has a 'sweet spot' in the center of the netting allowing it to return the ball at increased speed.
  • It can be adjusted to return the ball on the ground or in the air
  • Ideal for headers, volleys and ground skills
  • It is relatively simple to assemble
  • Provides useful corner targets allowing for good shooting drills
  • Well suited for strikers and goalscorers
  • Good target area of 7' x 5'
  • This is another good sized Soccer rebounder (6 x 6) giving a good target area
  • The main difficulty with this one is that it can be tough to assemble and the instructions aren't always clear
  • The netting can be a tough stretch
  • The positive to the netting being a tough stretch is the strength of the tension which gives a fantastic rebound and your touch is usually tested
  • It is a really solid construction which means that you can smash the ball at it!
  • It isn't very practical to breakdown and transport so is good for leaving in one place as a permanent training aid
  • This is a more lightweight soccer rebounder so good for younger players up to age 10
  • This soccer rebounder is very easy to assemble and you can be playing in minutes
  • The tension of the net is really strong meaning that the ball rebounds at pace requiring a good touch and developing good control
  • The target area is quite small requiring accurate passing this is really good when working in confined spaces as it is quite a small product
  • This provides a huge target area so is ideal for long range work
  • Suits long range passing drills and striking with laces
  • Good tension provides good rebound return
  • Perfect for outdoor use in large open spaces
  • Simple to put together although is most suited to leaving in one place
  • This is a hexagonal skills trainer with different rebounders requiring different levels of passing and touch
  • This is an excellent piece of equipment for playing quick, short passes and first time like the Barcelona tika taka style
  • Allows you to build touches on all parts of the foot
  • With the two surfaces (one flat and angled, one curved) it means you can practice different skills in one drill
  • Really useful when working in confined spaces
  • Very simple to put together and is on wheels so easy to move into place
  • This is a great soccer rebounder and ideal for single practice
  • Perfect for side foot volleys and improving touch off the floor
  • Has central target area with sweet spot for extra rebound

Best Soccer Rebounders 2022 Conclusion

Of all the soccer rebounders I've used the one I favor the most is the Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal. I think the players I work with have benefited the most from using this piece of equipment. It is so easy to setup and use and highly adjustable meaning a player can practice a range of skills very simply using this one piece of equipment.

A typical drill for me using the Tekk trainer would involve a series of short passes, first time off both sides, to accumulate as many touches of the ball as possible before stretching the drill out to longer passing with the laces.

I would then look to complete some form of shooting and heading drills. As I place so much importance on linking the use of soccer rebounders to practicing team skills and developing what is required to succeed at the top level, I favor the Tekk Trainer because it enables you to develop passing both short and long, touch, control, heading and shooting. It even allows for good goalkeeper drills too.

It enables anybody to practice these essential skills by themselves and with dedicated practice it can give anybody the tools to succeed at the highest levels of the game.

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  • What soccer rebounder do you use?
  • What drills do you use with your soccer rebound board?
  • Has a soccer kick back board improved your game?

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