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Fullback Soccer Position

The Full Back

The full-backs in a soccer team are normally positioned on opposite ends of the defensive line and are technically referred to as either right-back or left-back. Most team formations include these two soccer positions but in some rare cases the defense may have only two center-backs and no full-backs. The role of the full-back continues […]

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Defensive Midfielder Soccer Position

The Defensive Holding Midfielder

The defensive midfielder is the player who brings displeasure to the opposing team by suddenly stopping an attacking move. Though slightly different in terms of their roles, the holding or defensive mid normally acts as the missing jigsaw piece between the attack and defense units in a soccer team. Even though most of the accolades […]

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The Winger Soccer Position

The Winger

Whether you are a coach, a seasoned soccer player or you’re just starting at soccer, there are some crucial principles you will have to understand intimately in order to be effective at your roles. For instance, as a player you must always seek to play in the position that will best showcase your skills and […]

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Soccer Captain

What Does it Mean to be a Captain?

When young kids dream of making it to the top as a soccer player, many also dream of being their team’s captain as very often they are seen to be the most important player in the soccer team, but is that really true? What does it mean to be a Captain? In truth there are some […]

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position numbers in soccer

Soccer Position Numbers Explained

With so many position numbers in soccer and with so much innovation to have taken place in the game in the last 20 years adding more all the time, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different position numbers on a soccer team. Here we look at a range of the most popular […]

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How to be a Good Right Winger

How to be a Good Right Winger – Master Your Soccer Position

Over the years of my professional coaching career I’ve had many younger players asking me how to be a good right winger and what skills they will need to develop, so we’ll try and answer this today. When a player says that they play the number 7 or 11 position, they are often alluding to the […]

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Easiest Position In Soccer

What is the Easiest Position in Soccer?

​With one eye on their dreams of becoming a famous soccer player many kids have asked themselves, ‘What is the easiest position in Soccer?’Goalkeepers?A great clue to discovering the easiest position to master is to go back to the grass roots of the game and watch any kickabout in the park between a bunch of […]

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Hardest Position in Soccer

What’s that Hardest Position in Soccer?

Ask any Head Coach or Soccer Manager what the hardest position in soccer is and they will quickly tell you that they are all easy compared to their own job! After all there is an old adage in soccer that when the team does well the players get the credit and when the team does […]

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What is a poacher

What’s a Poacher in Soccer?

Why do we want to know whats a poacher in soccer? Well, there is a statistic floating around soccer that says the modern player is in contact with the ball for an average of only 1 minute 27 seconds in a professional soccer match! Imagine being paid $200,000 each week to kick a ball around […]

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Franz Beckenbauer Sweeper Soccer

What is a Sweeper in Soccer and How to Play Sweeper Position?

A sweeper in soccer definition is basically a player who is positioned in the defensive backline and is responsible for countering any opposing attackers who may get past the other defenders. The term ‘sweeper’ is more of a colloquial definition that was coined in the late 1800’s to refer to the job of ‘Sweeping up’ […]

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