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David Beckham Right Midfielder

Soccer 2020 – How to be a Good Right Midfielder in the Modern Game

As the game of soccer has become more and more tactical over the last 20 years and with the physical conditioning of players now far superior than before, a number of positions on the soccer field have altered greatly. Today we explore how to be a good right midfielder, taking tips from some of the […]

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Lionel Messi Sucks

Why Lionel Messi Sucks – Is Messi Really Overrated?

So I was watching the dazzling Real Madrid wipe away the stars of Juventus easily on Saturday night, and my friend was eulogising about Cristiano Ronaldo and giving me an earful of why Lionel Messi sucks. Ronaldo scored his 104th and 105th Champions League goals keeping him on top of the all time leading scorers charts […]

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What Does Juventus Mean

What Does Juventus Mean and Juve’s Many Nicknames?

Wow, what a weekend of football that was and it occurred to me as I was watching Juventus get thrashed by Real Madrid in the Champions League final, that I didn’t know so much about the history of these 2 mighty clubs, for example what does Juventus mean even??? With this in mind, I thought it […]

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