Wide Foot Soccer Cleats

Wide Foot Soccer Cleats? What are the Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet?

My son has inherited my wide feet which is bad enough for finding shoes to fit, but finding wide foot soccer cleats is a whole new challenge!

He absolutely loves soccer and plays as often as he can which makes us both happy but trying to find the best soccer cleats for a wide foot has been tough!

With the different soccer camps he goes to as well as local soccer team practice and matches he must use his cleats at least 20 times a month and so we have to find soccer shoes that he’s comfortable in.

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Finding the Right Cleats

As well as being the best soccer cleats for a wide foot, it’s just as important that they are durable and able to stand up to the punishment they get from all the use they get!

If you have children who are growing as quickly as my kids are, you might ask yourself some similar questions like, ‘should I buy soccer cleats that are too big for them now, but they will grow into soon?’ ​

I tried this and my own view is that it is the wrong thing to do. My son didn’t enjoy wearing the soccer cleats I bought that were too big for him and he struggled to control the ball, so I quickly found myself replacing them.

I think you should always look to buy the most comfortable footwear for soccer and this can make finding the best soccer cleats for a wide foot difficult. Remember though that with so much use, they need to be as comfortable and durable as you can find.

I always ask my boy to try on the wide soccer cleats when they arrive and to do some gentle warm up exercises while wearing them to make sure they’re a comfortable fit and good to play in.

My Top 10 Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

I’ve really looked at what is out there and I think these are the 10 best soccer cleats for wide feet that are currently available today:

These Adidas boots suit players with wide feet really well despite the fact that they are marketed as a boot for attack minded players which normally means they are a narrow fit. The shape of these boots is actually pretty wide and the upper is very thin soft and flexible which makes it ideal for a wide foot.

It also means there are no harsh pressure points around the foot making it comfortable to wear. The boot collar does not hug aggressively around the ankle making it more comfortable than some of its competitors. The toe area is not pointed like some other boots but is much more rounded allowing more space for your toes and a more comfortable fit all round.

These are the soccer cleats worn by one of the world's most expensive player’s like Paul Pogba, and are ideal for players with wide feet like his. These soccer cleats are built with a particularly high arch in the foot supporting players with high arched feet and providing comfort and support meaning there is not much strain in that area of your foot.

Again these soccer cleats have a rounded toe box and good support in the heel meaning that as well as support in the middle of the foot from the archway there is good support at both ends too.

This is an exclusively leather soccer cleat which is always a good option for players with wide feet as leather boots stretch effectively and mould to the comfort of your foot.

Additionally they are designed to be a wide fitting boots and are worn by a number of top players who have wide feet. These cleats rely on long established Nike Hypershield design technology and have been a popular boot over a number of years.

These cleats have a perforated sock liner with Poron inserts which mirror your natural foot shape and make them highly comfortable for players with wide feet.

These boots are amongst the most substantial around the midfoot and the very look of them demonstrates how much support they offer for a wide foot.

They are bulky and forgiving for players with wide feet, although the toe area is slightly more pointed meaning that these soccer cleats might not necessarily meet the needs of a player with a wide spread of toes.

They still provide adequate comfort for a wide midfoot and this is another boot with a high arch profile providing good support and comfort in this area.

Overall these are extremely comfortable soccer cleats that play well straight from the first use with virtually no break in period.

These soccer cleats are something of a retro classic and have been a popular boot for wide footed players for several years. Mizuno have been manufacturing high quality soccer boots for many years with their excellent history for craftsmanship.

They use only high quality leather for the upper which means the soccer shoe moulds itself to the shape of the foot instantly. As a result of the high quality materials the fit for the wearer is always soft and comfortable. They feel like they could have been custom made.

They have perfect traction on a range of different surfaces meaning the boot doesn’t slide around your foot.

Although they are slightly heavier than more modern designed boots, the outstanding crossword shape and level of comfort more than make up for it.

If you're in any doubt about how cool these cleats look then check out this video!

These soccer cleats really are built for a very wide fit and the toe area is even wider than the mid section of the boot which is very rare indeed.

This a high quality lightweight leather boot from Puma that is surprisingly light to wear and also instantly snug on the foot. They fit comfortably but also do stretch a little to become extremely comfortable.
They provide a high level of comfort and support for even the widest foot.

This is one of the most popular soccer boots of all time and has a classic retro look. When I think of soccer cleats I think of them looking like this.

A great number of the top professionals from not only the modern era but also through the history of the game have worn these soccer boots because of the fantastic level of comfort they provide.

These soccer cleats provide an outstanding level of comfort and because of the quality way in which they are manufactured and the softness of the leather they mould themselves to your foot shape as you wear them.

The moment you put them on they are broken in to the shape of your foot and there is little chance of them giving you blisters.

They are a lightweight boot for a classic design and they do not slide around on your foot during play.

Also one of the most durable soccer cleats on the market that will last you a long time even with heavy use.

New Balance soccer cleats are designed in such a way that they are amongst the best for players with wide feet.

The design of these boots is extremely wide and forgiving. They offer a great fit around the midfoot area and they also have a wide toe box meaning that all shapes of wide feet will find comfort in this boot.

Again this is another retro classic looking soccer boots and a great fit for soccer players with wide feet. The quality of the leather is all important here as it stretches and shapes to the contours of the individual soccer player’s foot.

They are also designed to have a particularly wide midsection which provides excellent comfort. You can play in these straight out of the box without the fear of them needing to be broken in due to the quality of the leather.

This boot has one of the widest toe areas of any soccer cleats and offers a fantastic fit for a wide foot. The slightly boxed effect of this area might not be to every soccer players taste though and those players that rely heavily on lifting the ball might not appreciate it.

It is however such a lightweight boot that it almost feels like you're playing in bare feet when playing, they are so comfortable and touch players will feel at home in them.

My Recommendation for Wide Soccer Cleats

As you can tell, making the right choice is important to me as I don’t want anything to get in the way of my boy and his love for playing soccer. Whilst it might sound like a small thing, making sure he has the best soccer cleats for his wide feet is important because it’s only when he’s comfortable that he can play at his best.

For that reason, his last 3 pairs of soccer cleats have been the NIKE Magista Obra II FG Cleats as they are perfect for his foot shape.

It is the mid section of the foot that needs to be the most forgiving area for his feet and the Magistas are excellent cleats for this. The high arch profile really suits the shape of his foot and they are most comfortable for him to play in providing both the level of support for his wide feet and the protection he needs.

Still in doubt, well check out the vid below where these soccer cleats are really put to the test:

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