Best Soccer Ball for u10

What Size Soccer Ball for u10? Size is Important!!!

It might sound obvious but one of the most important things to make sure you get right when looking after young soccer players is that they have the right equipment and are playing on a pitch that is the right size. All too often young under 10 players are asked to play in games that don't suit their physical level or ability, so what exactly is the best equipment? Let's start by looking at what size soccer ball you should be using for under 10 level.

Size is Important!

It is essential that you use a soccer ball that is relevant to their size and skill level and for under 10 football players ... this is a size 4 ball.

A size 4 ball is the best soccer ball for under 10 and is mostly used for players between the ages of 8-12. After this they move on to size 5 soccer balls which is the size used in adult and professional games.

Soccer Training Lab Recommends:

Size 4 balls weigh between 12-13 ounces and have a circumference of 25-26 inches making them perfect for under 10 players as they are a good size for them to be able to control and kick the ball comfortably.

They can do this as much as they like and as long as their technique is god they will not hurt their foot or head.

A size 4 soccer ball is also small enough for them to be able to master control and learn new tricks quickly too. It enables them to practice striking the ball over different distances which develops some of the most important skills that any soccer player needs.

Best Soccer Ball for u10 Level

Having looked carefully at what is out there, these are the best balls available for under 10 soccer players:

This is probably the best size 4 soccer ball on the market and has these great features:

  • 1mm textured PU cover which ​makes it more durable
  • DuoTech construction, is a cross between stitching and bonding so allows for both durability and stitching
  • Low bounce synthetic rubber bladder, meaning it won't deflate so quickly

This ball also comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects and a Fair Trade guarantee, so you can rest assured that no one was exploited in the production of this ball.

This ball is designed for futsall, however, can be used on most surfaces.

See the ball in action in this futsal video.

I love the stylish look of this ball and think it looks great in action.

It also has the following key features:

  • Two-tone Black cover with distinctive Blackhawk design
  • Dynamic optic graphics contrast with base to enhance focus and shot targeting
  • 32 precision stitched panels, designed for aerodynamics and control
  • Foam cushioning System - gives a soft cushioned touch
  • Long lasting air retention bladder so it doesn't go flat easily

This ball gets rave reviews for being durable, cool and also helps to enhance your ball control skills

This ball is just amazing!
It looks so good and has so many cool features:

  • The soccer ball's patented design is unique and there is real craftsmanship in this ball as 92 heavy-duty butyl rubber flaps are individually hand-sewn between every panel.
  • The revolutionary design helps soccer players develop ball control, juggling agility, crisp passing, and solid ball striking.
  • The KixFriction can be used on all surfaces, but the beauty of it, is it is designed to play like you are playing on grass, so you develop your skills for the big match!
  • This is a really durable training ball, with hand sewn synthetic TPU leather, which means it can be used even on the toughest streets.

This is a great practice ball for kids to develop their control, passing and juggling skills. The flight of the ball is slightly less than a normal soccer ball which means you need to focus on crispness and accuracy of passing, which is a great skill to develop.

Best Soccer Ball for U10?

All 3 of these soccer balls are great and offer something different.

However, in my opinion, if you’re looking for a good all-round soccer ball for use in a range of environments from street soccer to the back yard to the soccer field then Kixsports KixFriction is hard to ignore.

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