The Rabona

The Rabona: How to do it and it’s Explanation

It has to be one of the coolest tricks in the box and if you can master it you're going to get a lot of street credit. Amazingly, the 'Rabona' has been around since 1948, however, it's shot to fame more recently, especially with the intense media coverage we get on all games these days.

If you're unsure what a 'Rabona' is then check out these top Rabonas of all time:

How to do a Rabona

This is a skill my friends and I always try to do to show off and make themselves look good. It is a very good skill to use to trick goalkeepers with because they are not ready for it.

If it is a perfect rabona, it looks very good, but watch out, if it isn`t a good rabona then you're gonna look a bit stupid. 

This is how you pull one off.

  • Place your stronger foot behind your weaker foot. 
  • As the ball comes to your stronger foot, swivel your hips for more power.
  • Remember to hit the ball with your laces, not the side of your foot. 

If it comes off well, watch it sail straight into the back of the net.

The other reason why I like this technique is because sometimes you can also use it instead of passing the ball with your weaker foot (even though I would still encourage you to use your weaker foot.)

Take a look at the pro`s perfecting this skill that give defenders migraines at the top of the post:

Why is it Called The Rabona?

The expression comes from the Argentinian phrase 'hacerse le rabona', which means to skip school without your parent's permission.

This term was invented by an Argentinian newspaper 'El Grafico' who's headline was 'El infante que se hizo la rabona' (the child plays hooky), after an Estudiantes player 'Ricardo Infante' scored from over 35 yards.

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Let us know in the comments below if you have mastered the art of the Rabona, or what your favourite Rabonas of all time are...


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