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My background with soccer

Sports have always been integral to my professional and social life. When I was a child, my parents put me in a soccer league to expand my social life and to find an outlet for my hyperactivity. I was so happy they chose sports, as I have found it carried right through to my early adulthood when I got to play sports in high school and straight through college.

But why did I gravitate toward soccer rather than another sport? First of all, soccer is the most well-known sport in the world, and this was a huge attraction for me. Other than soccer, a huge passion of mine has been to travel. I have been all over the world, to almost every country in Europe, South America, Australia, and Africa.

Wherever I go, even though we don’t speak the same language, there is always something that can bring us together: our love of soccer. Even though there is a language barrier, I bring my ball with me everywhere I go to break the ice and break down differences between us. That is the power of sport, and most importantly I find, the power of soccer.


Like all sports, soccer comes down to one thing and one thing only: teamwork. If you gather the greatest soccer players of all time and put them all on the same team, but they do not work together, they will not be any good. Even if your team is stacked with the best, they must learn to play with each other’s strengths to score goals and eventually win the game.

Any soccer player will agree with this. That is why most of the training and drills concern building teamwork and becoming a unit rather than individual players. The greatest coaches I have ever worked with fully understood this and in the end, would create a team where everyone knew their role.

A soccer team is like a puzzle; everyone fits nicely together and serves a purpose. I have had experiences with coaches who did not understand this and we would suffer because of this. Besides winning, building up team play and team morale is integral to communication and understanding among the team players.

If they do not understand one another, and fight all the time, how do you expect them to play together on the field? It is through soccer training drills and exercises that a team can be built, and your own skills can be refined.

What do you need to do?

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player, running or taking part in soccer training drills is integral to enhancing yourself as a player. There is never a point you will reach where you won’t have to train. Right now, think of the best soccer player in the world, in your mind. They never stop training, even after all their success and wins, because they know the moment they stop the training drills is the moment they lose their momentum.

Soccer Training Lab Drills

Epic Soccer TrainingEpic Soccer Training

Today, with the rise of technology, and the way the Internet plays a key role in our society, you can find thousands of websites that try to train you in any sport you desire. No more do you have to go to a paid training session in person, but you can do it in the comfort of your own backyard, basement, or local field, by simply watching YouTube videos.

However, with so many various “trainers” on the Internet today, it can be a difficult task to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are just in it for the money. I have had experiences buying a series of videos, to find out that they didn’t offer me any new training, and the person running them wasn’t even a professional soccer player or coach.

I lost a great deal of money, and I vowed to help my fellow players find the right online training tool that would be a great investment and provide the best training possible.

This is when I came across The Epic Soccer Training System. When I first came across this website, I was skeptical because of my previous experience with a website that didn’t offer me any new or great soccer training drills. However, once I started reading the website, and learned who was offering it, my skepticism faded and a new excitement grew in its place.

First off, Epic Soccer Training was created by Matt Smith, a former professional soccer player, who was named an Adidas All-American Player. The more I listened to his background and what he wanted to offer, and watched the videos on his website, I knew that this was one of the best soccer training websites on the Internet today.

Matt Smith’s soccer training drills

One of the first things that struck me is that Matt’s program is not tailored just for beginners; it is tailored for people at a professional level, at a semi-professional level, or even someone who has never touched a soccer ball before. His goal is to maximize your personal results through “The Epic Soccer Training System,” in a fast and efficient way.

Over 10,000 soccer players across the world have used this tool, with successful and incredible results. But what really drew me in is Matt Smith’s background because he understands what it is truly like to play soccer and be struggling.

He admits that he was not the “best” soccer player and would constantly be benched, even though he was consistently training and at practice every day. This really resonated with me because I had been there too. I just wasn’t at the skill set I wanted to be at, and was frustrated because I wasn’t playing; when you win a game, and you didn’t once step on the field, it can feel worse than losing.

Matt Smith is one of the first trainers I’ve seen that understands this need in a player because he has actually experienced it himself. His resume is outstanding and professional, and this training system comes from his years of study and training with the best coaches in the USA.

He tried various methods and slowly started to figure out exactly what worked and what didn’t. Through his years of research, Matt created his own soccer training drills in “The Epic Soccer Training System.”

What makes it different?

I have found that Matt’s training drills are a lot different than the normal, traditional soccer training drills I was always used to. He offers a new level of intensity and raises your adrenaline to feel like you are in a game, rather than just a training drill exercise.

All of his soccer training drills simulate the speed of a normal soccer game, so you are physically prepared for the real speed of a game. This was huge for me as I felt so many soccer training drills that I did before were far too slow when compared to a real-life game situation.

Matt’s drills also focus more on your own set of skills, such as controlling the ball, dribbling, passing, and being an accurate and powerful shooter. He also builds your entire knowledge of the game of soccer, so you can understand how to change your gameplay, depending on the team you are playing.

Through his technique of “dynamic touches,” the Epic Soccer Training System drastically changed the way I maneuvere the ball on the field. Now I am able to move the ball slowly when I want to (even in a really fast pace game), and then dynamically change it to fast. This has strengthened my entire skills as a player both on and off the field.

One of my favorite aspects of the Epic Soccer Training System is that you see results FAST! I always was discouraged during many soccer training drills that I have been a part of because results would never materialize until months and months down the road. I wanted results and I wanted them now, to start playing, rather than sitting on the bench.

The results I achieved through this program suddenly happened because it was a different way of thinking about the game and maneuvering the ball. I had never been through training drills quite like these, and they are some of the best on the market today.

A warning!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional soccer player, as I’ve said before: You need training. Now, I have recommended going to The Epic Soccer Training System to find the online training method that I prefer, but it is not for everyone. In fact, soccer is not for everyone! I want to warn you just how much time and effort is required if you actually want to see results.

Below I have listed things to prepare you for when doing soccer training drills. If this list scares you and you don’t think you can follow it, you will not see results. Becoming a professional in any field, whether it is the arts, in sports, in sciences, or any job in the world, takes perseverance and discipline. If you aren’t prepared to commit, then I recommend you quit. Here is the list I have complied.

  • You must be ready to put in time physically. Playing soccer is a huge physical commitment. If you think you’ll just read on the couch about soccer, or play a soccer video game, and only go on the field every so often, you will not succeed. You will not grow as a player. This includes going to the gym, and preparing yourself physically.
  • You must be ready to do the basic soccer training drills, and not be interested in just playing a game all the time. Sometimes I see professional players roll their eyes when the coach says, “we are going to dribble the ball down the field and work our dynamics.” I know it can be tedious and sometimes people think they are “above” these exercises and “entitled” not to do them. But I believe that in order to excel, you must always go back to basics. It is integral to your growth as a soccer player. So be prepared to have these basic soccer training drills every day, no matter where your training is coming from.
  • You must start to change your mindset. This is a huge thing that I think many professional or beginner sports players tend to overlook. Your mind is a tool that can actually improve or hinder your playing ability. If you wake up every day thinking you will never be a great player, and always look at your weaknesses, rather than your strengths, you will not succeed in soccer. Some of the world’s best players got where they are today because they fully believed in the skills they possessed. There is a huge difference between belief in your skills and being cocky and arrogant. Be confident in the way you play and look at a weakness as something that excites you to improve on. Do not set yourself up to fail, but focus on the great way you will play if you train! It will completely change your physicality and lift your spirits during training drills and a game.
  • Put your money where your mouth is and use the materials you buy! Time and time again, I have seen so many “wannabe” soccer players who spend hours on the Internet researching ways to improve, and they never follow through. They either say they don’t have enough money to play, or they aren’t willing to spend a dime on training, or they buy a training tool to help them and never use it. I look at all of these and I just see excuses. Mainly excuses come from a place of fear, because you are scared to fail! When starting out in soccer, you are allowed to fail! You are allowed to let a goal in, or fall down on your face, because that is what practice is for. Through training, you make mistakes in order to avoid them at a time when you can’t afford to make them, such as in a championship game. I have failed time and time again, but mostly during soccer training drills, and all my coaches have said that it is completely okay. It actually makes you a stronger player. So, let the fear go and follow through on your training. If you buy an online training tool, USE IT!


From reading all of my thoughts and ideas I know that you can probably tell how passionate I am about soccer training drills and what it takes to be a fantastic athlete in any type of sport. There are so many people out there who think they do not need training because they have natural talent.

While natural talent may get them some of the way, without training, I promise you they will never succeed as a professional athlete. In any trade or any skill, practice makes you better. I never say “practice makes perfect” because there will never be a time when you don’t need to practice.

As humans, we are ever changing and always growing. Once you achieve a certain level of skill, then you will look forward to unlock a new skill, and then another, and then another; it will never stop and that’s a fantastic thing! It is what keeps the game of soccer alive and exciting, and why players are always addicted to improving their own skills in order to win games and “be the best!”

I know how expensive it can be to start training and improve your skills, because playing a sport is a financial investment. That is why I recommend that you look into the “Epic Soccer Training” system.

This system is available for one incredibly affordable price, and gives you all the tools you need to start strengthening your craft without paying a personal trainer for every session. It is great for both beginners, and advanced players looking to enhance certain parts of their skill set.

It makes me very happy to know you are a step ahead of the game and already looking for a new way to train! This is the first step and I encourage you to follow through and find the soccer training drills that primarily work for you. Everyone is after different things in their own soccer playing ability, and it all comes down to personal preference.

Something that may work for me, may not work for you, so I recommend trying out various ways and methods on your own body. Above all, persevere and keep going, because no matter what, the more you train, the better of a player you will be!

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