Soccer Freestyle Tricks Names

Soccer Freestyle Tricks Names and Cool Soccer Juggling Tricks

Today we're going to look at soccer freestyle tricks names that you've never heard of and show you how to master them!

Freestyle soccer consists mainly of fancy tricks and moves that are loved for their entertainment value. The fancy footwork is usually quite elaborate making it enjoyable to watch. As the cool skill of soccer ball juggling continued to evolve, the past-time spawned into a sub-culture know as freestyle soccer or soccer freestyle. 

One of the main benefits of improving your juggling skills is to help you advance your soccer skills when playing on the pitch.

I’ve taken some time to compile a soccer juggling tricks list that I hope will help you learn some soccer freestyle tricks and how to execute them.

1 - Around The World

This is a basic juggling trick that is done by slightly flicking up the ball with the outer part of your foot and rotating your foot around the circumference of the ball while it’s still in the air.

You can either let the ball settle on your foot as it comes down or continue juggling. Apart from just being a neat trick that you can do to impress others, Around The World helps improve your balance and coordination.

Executing the move can help sharpen your dexterity when playing in a match. This video demonstrates the two main variations of Around the World.​

2. Neck Stall

This is a great trick that can catch people’s attention when juggling the ball. Just like the foot stall the neck stall is done by cradling the ball with your foot and part of your shin, the neck stall requires you to balance the ball on your neck.

You can initiate this move from a foot stall or from a high ball when juggling. To perform this trick well you need to have good aim and balance to cushion the ball on your neck while you’re bent over at an angle.

Although you are highly unlikely to use the head stall in the field of play, it is a great exercise to help enhance your agility, coordination and reaction time. You may require some weeks of continuous practice to master the neck stall well.

3. Sidehead Stall

This move is quite similar to the neckstall but the difference is that once you flick the ball in the air it should come to rest on the side of your head. If you are unable to do it from a juggling position just balance the ball on top of your head, bend sideways and let it roll onto the side of your head.

Try the trick on both sides of your head and once you are comfortable balancing the ball, you can sway from one side to another without the ball falling off.

4. Crossover

Unlike the soccer juggling tricks mentioned earlier, the crossover can sometimes be used when playing in matches. You could either use it to pass the ball to your team mate or as a way of destabilizing your opponent when dribbling. It is rather complex to explain how it is done in theory but I’ll do so anyway and you can watch the video above to understand it better.

The trick is done by kicking the ball up to your preferred height (in this case with your left foot) and once the ball is close to chest height, prepare to jump. You will need to time your jump and movements so that while airborne you glide one foot over the ball and once the legs are crossed kick up the ball using your right foot.

5. Hop the World

This is a popular freestyle soccer trick that is done by many players and can be learned with some practice. All you have to do is kick the ball in the air using your weaker foot (in this case your left foot) and then take your right foot round the ball and flick it up.

You have to be quick when executing the move or you won’t manage to keep up with the motion of the ball. Once you master Hop The World you can try doing it multiple times with both feet.

6. Hamstring Catch

This is a neat trick that will require plenty of training to master. You’ll start by juggling the ball and once you get a good rhythm and balance kick the ball higher (just past hip level) then turn slightly and clutch the ball against your hamstring using your heel. This move is not commonly used in open play but it can be used to side step your opponent.

7. Toe Bounce

This is a simple trick to learn and it is done as you juggle the ball. When juggling the ball with both feet allow the ball to bounce of your toes while your foot is angled with the heel on the ground.

You can slightly flick the ball up while in this position to give the bounce some more momentum. Once you get the hang of it you can do it with both feet and use it to come up with interesting combos.

8. Slap

To execute this move, you basically clutch the ball between your legs then roll it upward along your ankle and calf and into the air. If you are very keen you can learn the trick in a couple of hours.

Just like most of the other moves on the soccer juggling tricks list, you can build on it and create your own signature moves with it. In the field of play you can use the Slap freestyle trick to dribble past your opponent.

9. Touzani Around The World

This freestyle trick is named after the person who invented it and it combines the crossover and Around The World.

You begin with an outside Around The World but while you’re halfway through the move start doing a crossover using the same foot that you started with.

The two moves are meant to be done in one sweeping motion in order to execute the Touzani Around The World flawlessly.

This is an intermediate trick that can be used in other combos. Check out how it’s done in the video above.

10. Mitch Around the World

This move is very similar to Touzani Around The World but instead of beginning with an outside Around The World you begin with an inside Around The World. When you’re halfway through the move, start the crossover with the foot you started with. See the demonstration above.

Soccer Freestyle Juggling Tricks Summary

I hope this freestyle football tricks list has helped you learn more about Soccer freestyle.

Remember that the neat tricks that have been highlighted above can help you improve your overall soccer skills when playing in matches. If you enjoyed the content in this article please share it with others to help them improve their skills.​

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