The Neymar ‘Silky’ Touch Technique

On Wednesday night on 8.3.17, we saw the mighty Barcelona overcome a 4-0 deficit in the first leg of the champions league as they won the return leg 6-1, meaning they won the tie 6-5 on aggregate against the powerful French team Paris Saint Germain.

However, if it wasn’t for the silky skills of Neymar then Barcelona would have never beaten PSG.

One of his most famous skills is the Neymar touch tekkers and this is how you do it:

As someone plays you an ariel ball at knee height,

  • Wait for the ball to approach you
  • Quickly place one foot behind your other knee.
  • Remember to keep your foot nice and floppy and as the ball lands on your foot
  • Absorb the weight of the pass and when it comes off your foot race away with the ball


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