Junior Soccer Coach

I am Bashey Rules, I`m 14 years old and I am crazy about soccer.


I play for an under 15’s soccer team in the UK and I have been playing for the team for 9 years.

My dream is to become a great soccer coach in one of the top flight leagues. I take training very seriously as I want kids like me to progress with their soccer skills.

I live, breathe and dream about soccer so have plenty to say, so check out my blog with my latest rants over in Bashey's Blog


Welcome to my section guys, and I know you're probably all feeling a bit lazy so I've handpicked some of my favorite articles for you to save you some time... aren't I kind?


COVID-19 is here to stay and is going to have a massive impact on our lives over the next few months so I've taken a look at how this might impact our beautiful game here in the UK and around the world.

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Coronavirus Soccer


In this article I compare some of the best soccer players of all time and chose my winner.

Messi, Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo or Neymar... who is your favorite?

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Greatest Soccer Players


In the Premier League this year it looks like Liverpool are running away wtih it, but step back 31 years in time and you'll find one of the best finish to a season ever possible.

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Everyone loves to see a bit of skill on the pitch and there's nothing quite like watching a bit of showboating on a Saturday afternoon. Here's some of my favorite skills and techniques out there with a simple guide on how to learn them.


What's the one thing that most of the top professional soccer players have in common? The answer is hard work and dedication. They have become masters of their trade by practicing day after day and here are some of my favorite drills to help you level up your game:

Up for some more training? Head over to the Drills Section for more tips and exercises.

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