Best Soccer Ball Under 30

What is the Best Soccer Ball Under 30 Dollars?

The only real piece of equipment you need to play soccer is of course a soccer ball, literally everything else can be improvised! Many people simply don't have the cash to go out and buy one of the high end soccer balls on the market but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy playing soccer. In fact there is so much choice it can be a tough job finding the best soccer ball under $30!

I've scanned the market to find the best balls out there that are durable, playable, look great and are really good value for money and here's my results of the best soccer balls for under $30:

This ball designed for fun on the soccer field or in your back yard and is ideal for training and skill building.

Soccer Training Lab Recommends:

It is great for developing footwork techniques, improving your shot accuracy and kicking control.

It is a traditional looking soccer ball and is ideal for playgrounds and gardens. Although it is a lightweight design you have the ability to inflate to different sizes due to premium quality thick and flexible rubber.

It is a very good quality ball for its price. It doesn’t go out of shape and it flies very well in the air.

This is a great soccer ball for any MLS fan as there is the opportunity to purchase one with your favourite team's colours.

It is made from 100% thermoplastic polyurethane and has machine-stitched seams for soft touch and durability. 

It is great to kick and has the feel of a high quality ball.

This ball is really durable and comes with a 1-Year unconditional guarantee against all defects to back it up.

It inflates to a good size and weight and is very true through the air when kicked.

This is another great value soccer ball. It is well made with good ball stitching and a cool, modern design.

The grip on the ball is also great which allows you to control it well and it has good bounce and flight through the air.

You will never get this ball mixed up with the others on the field! Its unique design really stands out and it is an eye catching ball.

This ball is also amazingly durable and holds up longer than almost every other soccer ball on the market in this price range.

The ball inflates to a good weight and rolls very true.

This soccer ball is easy to pump up and maintains the fill of air for quite a while. It is a very colourful ball and well constructed for recreational play.

You can use this ball safely on a variety of different surfaces and it will hold its shape.

Another completely unique looking soccer ball from Vizari! Very popular with fans of the movie Frozen!

This is a ball which look great but has a tendency to lose its shape and a little bit, meaning it is not the most durable soccer ball available. Will give lots of pleasure for a short period of time.

This is a well designed and manufactured soccer ball that is ideal for outdoor use.

The outside material of the ball is perfect for a variety of surfaces and sturdy enough to stand up to heavy use.

This is a high quality ball used for indoor soccer.

It does inflate to a high pressure making it a hard ball which is not to everybody’s liking although it is definitely a good ball that is ideal for indoor use.

This is a great, well-made ball. It has a little softness on the exterior, so it's perfect for young players to use inside or to practice headers.

It has great cushioning on the outside providing a soft touch / feel and it has a good and even balance to it.

My Favourite Soccer Ball for Under $30

Well there's so much choice out there as you can see from the balls that we've reviewed today, but for me the best ball on the market at the moment for less than 30 bucks is the Hetoo Waterproof Soccer Ball as it really is a versatile ball that can be used on all different kinds of surfaces. It has a pretty clean flight and is a real treat to play with. On top of this I think it looks the best out of all the balls we've reviewed today!

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