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Why Should All Soccer Goalies wear Kneepads?

Making sure your goalkeeper is dressed for the game or training session with maximum protection can really help in preventing injuries. Different goalkeepers like to wear different items of protective equipment but there is unquestionably a growing trend for soccer goalie knee pads.

Help Prevent Serious Injury with Soccer Knee Braces

According to this article at FIFA, goalkeepers are at constant risk of injury and therefore knee pads could be a game-changer for soccer goalkeepers in avoiding serious long term injury. Particularly at lower levels of soccer where practice grounds are often hard surfaces and pitches can be of mixed quality with some being hard and painful to land on.

This also applies to artificial turf which poses a real threat to goalkeepers and more of the game’s stoppers are turning to knee pads as the solution.

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Some goalkeeper’s tops and pants come with padding but often they restrict the movement of the goalkeeper and the padding is sometimes of inferior quality meaning it doesn't offer the right level of protection.

With the advancement in technology knee pads have become more and more appropriate for goalkeepers looking for protection.

Whilst goalkeepers will obviously always wear shin guards and gloves, many now look to have knee pads, elbow pads and head guards as part of their kit too.

One of the prime injuries that many footballers suffer as they get older is with their knees and the shock absorption that knee pads provide really helps to support goalkeepers in avoiding long-term injury.

Top 5 Soccer Goalie Kneepads

Here is a list of the top five knee pads for goalkeepers on the market today:

Wearing the TechWare Pro Brace can allow for injury prevention and the building of muscle. It also helps in reducing pain in the knee if there are already issues.

These knee pads are adjustable with Velcro straps and are very comfortable to wear whether you are a child or an adult.

It has plenty of slack to both tighten or loosen and it doesn't restrict your movements at all, providing good support throughout the game.

The adjustable fit allows you to make it fit perfectly to your knee and reduce the pressure on the patella tendon which helps to alleviate any pain that might exist and prevent future injury.

The unisex design makes the knee pads suitable for both men and women to wear. There is a one size sponge knee pad design for maximum comfort and a unique package edge design makes it highly durable. This knee pad actively reduces the degree of enhanced pressure on the knee to help prevent knee injuries during soccer practice and games.

It also helps to keep the knee warm which aids with reduction of stiff muscles and joints.

It has a user-friendly design which stretches fully to avoid knee damage and helps to reduce pain and prevent knee soreness from bumping.

The high-density strengthening foam means it really works for both indoor and outdoor soccer use. 

Senston have used their proven compression technology in their knee pads which helps to prevent muscle strain and promotes faster muscle recovery as well as improved blood circulation.

There is also anti-skid technology in this pad and the silicone non-slip band helps to keep the knee pad in place even during intense match play.

The high performance fabric of the knee pad gives it great elasticity and breathability meaning you don’t over sweat when wearing this knee pad. It is a really comfortable fit and you easily forget you’re wearing them during the game. 

This Knee Support is ideal for soccer goalies and provides compression for the weak or over stressed knees that goalies suffer from in particular.

The high elasticity makes it close tighter around the knee and gives better a compression fit. This also helps it to retain body heat to warm the knee joint and increase blood circulation. 

This high-density sponge knee pad for soccer goalies offers great shock absorption protection and effectively resists the impact of sudden force.

These properties make it an absolutely ideal knee pad for soccer goalies often exposed to playing on hard or artificial pitches.

In addition it also retains body heat to warm the knee joint and increase blood circulation as well as providing compression for weak or over stressed knees. 


If you’re a soccer goalie who is tired of having bruised and scarred knees then any of these knee pads can help to keep you free from injury.

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