Deflatable Soccer Ball

Why are More People Using Deflatable Soccer Balls?

If you are involved in soccer, for instance with soccer coaching, and need more than one soccer ball at a time you might find it difficult and impractical to transport a number of soccer balls together to a training session. Increasingly, more and more people and especially soccer coaches are using deflatable soccer balls to help overcome this problem.

What are Deflatable Soccer Balls?

Deflatable soccer balls are balls that you can remove the air out of when not in use to reduce their size and make them much easier to transport. 

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These kind of soccer balls are so easy to use, you simply remove the air from them when they are not in use and they will not roll away from you or be anything like as awkward to carry.

You will be able to carry many more soccer balls when they are deflated and they won’t take up as much space in the car. 

Deflating a soccer ball and then re-inflating it again couldn't be simpler. All you need is a pump and a needle (sometimes called an adaptor).

How to Use a Deflatable Ball 

To deflate a soccer ball simply insert the needle into the small hole you will find on your ball and when you hear a hissing noise you will know that the air is escaping.
This means the air is being released into the atmosphere from the soccer ball and it is deflating.

To re-inflate the soccer ball simply attach your needle to your pump and insert it into the ball. Begin pumping air into the ball until it reaches the correct pressure. If you hear hissing whilst doing this it means the needle is not fully inserted into the ball and not all of the air is being pumped in. Sometimes it helps to moisten the needle to ensure it is able to go fully into the ball.

It really isn't that difficult, but here's a quick vid in case you're in any doubt:

My Shortlist of the Best Deflatable Soccer Balls

There are many different types of deflatable soccer ball available to buy, here are the details of five of the most popular soccer balls on the market:

This is a tough soccer ball which is ideal for outdoor play and is simple to deflate / inflate.

It also has a patented nylon-wound MikasaHyde cover and a unique bladder design which helps to retain air pressure in the ball.

This is a fantastic soccer ball that is durable and actually feels rewarding to kick. It has the feel of a really high end soccer ball or official match ball.

The makers include a 2 year warranty which means you will get good use from this ball.

This is a classy soccer ball that is simple to deflate. It is a brand new Soccer ball design that has been thermally-bonded which ensures superior durability.

It's created with a high quality textured surface which gives a truer flight and better control. The reinforced rubber bladder provides maximum air retention when inflating / deflating and durability from play.

The seamless design helps to prevent water absorption which eliminates the chance of the ball becoming heavy or waterlogged.

This is probably one of the best handling and high quality soccer balls around. The no-stitch casing has a slight texture that provides really strong control when on the field and the material quality is top-notch.
It performs like a highly durable ball and the Thermo finish helps keep it from getting waterlogged while in play.

It takes air easily and shows no sign of leakage when inflated. This soccer ball also comes with a 2-year guarantee from the manufacturers.

This soccer ball was part of the Euro 2016 Collection, and this is the official match ball used by professional soccer players in the European Championship games.

It is a really top of the range soccer ball!

The thermally bonded seamless surface technology (TSBE) offers a more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake.

There are exclusively high-end materials used in the cover, backing and bladder for excellent on-field performance.

This ball has the highest FIFA rating and has passed tests on weight, water uptake, shape and size retention.

This ball is incredibly well balanced, the touch and response from it are very good. To some people it might feel slightly strange because the materials are so unique and it might take some time to get used to it but for high quality play it is excellent.

Another top soccer ball provided by Adidas who are arguably the best ball manufacturers around.

This ball has a machine-stitched construction for soft touch and high durability. The Butyl bladder is amongst the best for air retention when inflated although it is simple to deflate too.

This is an excellent game ball that looks professional with the UEFA Champions League 2016 logo and colors. Although it is a replica of the true professional game ball, it is a quality soccer ball for league games and practices in its own right.

It is put together very well, and lasts a long time. It has a padded outer casing and a true flight through the air making it is a good ball for crossing, heading and shooting.

This is one of the easiest deflatable soccer balls to use and one of the most popular.

It has a high retention latex bladder system which makes it really good for inflating / deflating and ensures it retains its pressure when in use.
The hand-stitched construction withstands strong shots and crisp passes ensuring you will get a lot of use from this soccer ball.

This soccer ball keeps its shape very well and always has the correct weight and feel.

It is very even and the surface of it feels great, not too slick and not too much friction. The Voracity soccer ball has a great flight and retains air really well making it a ball that can be used for any level of play.

My Favourite Deflatable Soccer Ball?

Well, it has to be the Baden Thermo Soccer Ball as this is just a classy soccer ball all over!

It plays really well on most surfaces, has a great flight for crosses and long balls, and is delicate to the touch. On top of this it looks the bomb as well!!!

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