Best Soccer Cleats for Forwards

What are the Best Soccer Cleats for Forwards?

Scoring goals is just about the hardest and most important job in soccer. As well as needing skill and strength to do it, many strikers wear special soccer cleats that help them to score as many goals as they can. So with so many options to choose from, what are the best soccer cleats for forwards?

Why do Strikers Need Special Cleats?

Strikers need soccer cleats that will help them with their trickery on the ground and their speed which is why a number of strikers favour lightweight boots that are not too heavy and slow them down.


More lightweight boots enable strikers to move their feet quicker, either when they’re manipulating the ball away from defenders, dribbling past opponents or chasing after the ball to create a chance.

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Many strikers also rely on their lightning quick reflexes in the penalty box and so they require lightweight boots to help them react to opportunities sharply and score goals.

Striker’s soccer cleats also need to be sturdy because strikers shoot the ball with maximum possible power to fire it into the goal past the goalkeeper.


So many strikers goals are scored with a one touch finish, so their soccer cleats have to be able to support the striker with the agility needed to get into the right position and in getting power into the ball to score. This means they need to be made of a tough material as well as being a lightweight design.


Certain soccer cleats also helps strikers who are naturally good in the air and need to take off and jump to attack headers and crosses. The configuration of the cleat system can help players with their take off or push off and are an important consideration when choosing the best soccer cleats for forwards.

These are the top 10 soccer cleats for forwards available right now:

This is the soccer boot currently worn by Antoine Griezmann and also Argentine striker Sergio Agüero. It is one of the lightest boots on the market weighing just over 3.5 ounces and it has an incredibly thin textile upper which helps keep it so lightweight.

These boots will certainly give you that extra advantage with agility and help you to run quickly.

There is an internal material pattern designed into the structure of the boot which provides it with incredible strength despite it being so light.

The 3 heel studs allow for extra grip and push off from the base of the foot offering support for explosive sprinting and jumping.

Check out the pros putting these cleats to action:

These are the soccer cleats worn by arguably the greatest player in the world, Lionel Messi and as a result they are very popular boots. These soccer cleats combine support for agility and incredible speed giving you the opportunity to emulate Messi himself with lightening quick dribbling and ball skills.

Whilst they are ever so slightly weightier than some of the other soccer cleats, they enable good power to be put into the ball. This is an extremely responsive boot and also gives good protection from heavy challenges meaning you can brush off some of those kicks on the foot.

This is a very responsive boot with the modern no tongue design. It has been really well constructed and looks absolutely stunning.

This is the boot of choice of the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimović who favour the low cut design and contoured sole plate. It is a traditional high quality speed boot but also offers support for power.

The absence of the tongue means the whole of the top of the foot surface can make full contact with the ball giving an extra zing to your shots and dead ball striking.

This is arguably the best striker's boot offered by Puma and is worn by the likes of Olivier Giroud and Mario Balotelli.

Like other Puma soccer cleats this boot has a modern off centre lacing system offering you a stronger and cleaner strike on the ball. It is an outstanding boot for power hitting and is also a wide fitting boot for strikers making it a comfortable boot for soccer players with wider than average feet.

This boot tends to be favoured by powerful strikers rather than those who rely on speed and agility.

This is probably one of the most responsive boots available and is worn a lot by both wingers and fast strikers. The tight fit collar helps to lock your foot snugly into the boot and gives you absolute control as well as protection against ankle nicks. 

This soccer boot has chevron designed cleats which offer excellent grip and push off making it a good choice for players who are especially quick over the first 5 yards.

Prominent players who wear this boot include the likes of multiple Ballon d'or winner Cristiano Ronaldo.

These boots are made from high grade leather meaning they can be worn in quickly and are incredibly comfortable to wear. Luis Suarez is known to favour this boot and he scores countless goals for Barcelona wearing these cleats.

The upper is slightly stiffer than other boots offering more power from your shots. The springform cleat system gives great responsiveness and helps with agility in the penalty area.

These soccer cleats are the preferred choice of many top strikers who use them to score lots of goals each season. It has an off centre lacing system that provides a good surface for ball striking with the top of the foot.

The material in the upper is one of the highest quality synthetics on the market providing strength whilst retaining a lightweight feel. This is another easy fitting boot that is suitable for soccer players with wider than average feet.

It has a conical cleat system making it good for quick turns and agility.

Such top strikers as Robert Lewandowski, Klaus Van Huntelaar and Jamie Vardy favour this boot. It is the particular choice of out and out goal scorers.

These soccer cleats are ideal for forwards and worn by the likes of current Besiktas and former Manchester City striker Negredo.

This boot has a very flexible offer upper and is comfortable to wear. It has a sprint spike cleat system which offers a great push off and as with all good strikers boots they are very lightweight allowing for maximum acceleration and speed.

These soccer cleats are something of a retro classic and has been a popular boot for strikers for several years. Mizuno have been manufacturing high class soccer boots with excellent craftsmanship for a long time.

They exclusively use a high quality leather for the upper which means the soccer shoe moulds itself to the shape of the wearer making them comfortable although they are slightly heavier than some of the more modern designed boots.

It has a classically designed cleat system and is a very well constructed boot allowing for powerful ball striking.

These Adidas boots are exclusively marketed as a boot for attack minded players. They have a wide and well constructed upper which is very thin, soft and flexible making it ideal for speed, agility and power.

The boot collar provides good ankle support and protection from stray kicks. The FG Chaos cleat alignment enables explosive speed and traction on firm ground (both natural and artificial grass).

These soccer cleats are worn by Real Madrid star Gareth Bale as they support him with his incredible straight line speed.

My Recommended Soccer Cleats for Forwards

Out of all the soccer cleats available for strikers I definitely favour the Nike Men's Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic Fit Soccer Cleats worn by many of the top strikers in world soccer.

This tends to be the choice of strikers who score the most goals and I think it offers the greatest all round combination of factors that support great forwards.

The conical cleat system really helps with quick turns and general agility giving an extra edge to sharp play in and around the penalty area.

These soccer cleats offer a great touch on the ball and very comfortable to wear. Striking the ball feels great with power also feels great.

They are also a highly durable soccer boot meaning that they will last you a comparatively long time. There is a line of foam padding on the upper which offers extra protection and also gives you more power when you get into the ball and strike for goal.

Overall these boots will help you run like the wind, stop and turn on a dime and blast a shot like a cannon!

If you're still in any doubt watch them get a proper run out in the video below:

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