best footballs for concrete

What are the Best Footballs for Concrete?

No matter how well coached or which clubs they are affiliated to, all kids start their soccer careers and learn the game by playing with their friend’s in the street or at school. This is where they really fall in love with soccer and many come home every day with the scarred knees to prove it! But when playing in the backyard or on the street, you often need a special kind of ball to stand up to the job so what are the best footballs for concrete?

Well, they definitely ARE NOT the same soccer balls you would use on grass or in a professional game.

We've put together a list of the top 7 soccer balls we would recommend for playing on concrete:

Soccer Training Lab Recommends:

This really is the Daddy of Street Soccer Balls and has received fantastic reviews from Amazon customers.

This ball is made from hand sewn synthetic tire material, which means its tough and robust and won't easily get damaged on concrete. 

This ball is an official size ball, and is designed not only for street soccer, but to help players develop ball control, juggling skills, passing and the ability to strike the ball with power.

Unlike the other balls in this review the Kixsports has been designed with special fins, to slow down the speed of the ball and the distance you can get from kicking it, to help you improve your game.

Made from rubber tire tread, this soccer ball is extremely durable and designed for use on the tough streets.

The bladder holds air for over 2 months and it is designed to play as closely as possible to a regular soccer ball.

This is one of Amazon's recommendations and has received lots of 5 star reviews from happy customers.

In our view this is the ultimate street soccer ball, and this is backed up by the guys at Urban Pitch

It is brilliantly designed with 32 panels sewn together, producing a near perfect sphere. Once inflated, hand stitching provides tighter and stronger seams meaning it will last a long time.

It is intended for game play on asphalt, concrete, other rugged terrain, and hard courts and will stand up to the heaviest of use.

Each panel is made with rubberized materials, and therefore has a stronger grip compared to regular soccer balls. This allows you to practice your swerve shots with both the inside and outside of your foot.

The Senda Street ball features 3 layers of polyester/cotton hybrid linings placed between the cover and the bladder to help the ball retain its shape and bounce. It has an inflatable latex bladder which offers the softest feel and provides better surface tension.

As with any Senda ball, it is Fair Trade Certified, ensuring all workers receive at least the national minimum wage, and there is no child labor involved.

Watch the ball in action in the video below:

This incredible ultra-durable soccer ball never needs a pump and never goes flat even when punctured! It is built to last through the ages by withstanding the harshest environments.

You cannot distinguish it from a normal soccer ball and when you kick it you appreciate the accuracy and the toughness in it.

It is available in different sizes, adult size 5 and the youth size 4. A really great feature is that for every ball purchased the manufacturer donates to fund play projects that enable play for youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide. 

This is the perfect ball for training up your ball control on the street and gives you the option of making practicing by yourself more fun too.

This ball comes with a rubber string that you attach to your wrist meaning that the ball will always come back to you, giving you the chance to develop both your close ball control and coordination.

It is made with a soft, shiny PVC cover and is ideal for solo technique training as well as ball receiving, shooting and coordination.

If you’re looking for a mid-range street soccer ball for use on concrete that keeps you playing all weekend long then this is it.

The Select Street Soccer ball was built exclusively for games and play on the street. It has a regular bounce and is fitted with a cover made of an extra durable rubber material to protect it from constant kicking against the kerb. You can keep playing with this ball on your street for years! 

If you're looking for a true 'street' soccer ball that buys into the concept of street soccer and above all looks the best, then this is the ball you should be using. The cool graffiti design with its eye popping colors really make it stand out and this is definitely one of the best street soccer balls you can get for using on concrete.

The  technology allows this ball to be waterproof meaning you can play in all conditions. The restricted bladder never lets the ball become larger than regulation size and it is suitable for a range of surfaces but especially concrete.

This soccer ball meets all the regulations and the textured material gives the street ball exceptional durability.

It's great to say that all of these balls are top quality and designed specifically for outside use on the street, concrete and tarmac surfaces. No longer do you need to fear damaging your new leather soccer ball with these great choices.

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