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The ‘Impossible’ Scorpion Kick

The scorpion kick might not be as well known as a lot of other skills and tricks, however pros like Manchester United’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud are certainly up there with the perfect scorpion kickers. This is how you do it. As the ball is played to you at around about head height, […]

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Defenders Training Drills

Last Man Defending Drill

For all the hopeful defenders out there then this is the drill for you. This drill will improve your tackling and strength off the ball and make you a better all-round defender. This is how to do it… One attacker runs with the ball at the goal trying to get past the defender to score […]

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Barcelona’s El Rondo Passing Drill

This drill is not a trick or anything exquisite used by professional footballers, however in order to become a great footballer you need to be able to practice the basics and work on your soccer drills with your team mates. The ‘El Rondo’ training drill is based on passing and is a good practice for something to […]

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The ‘Insane’ Ronaldo Chop

We all know that Real Madrid are certainly up there with the best soccer teams in the world, and this is mainly down to the insane, mind blowing tricks of Cristiano Ronaldo. One example of this is his very common and very well known trick to weave past defenders called the Ronaldo chop. To practice […]

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The Neymar ‘Silky’ Touch Technique

On Wednesday night on 8.3.17, we saw the mighty Barcelona overcome a 4-0 deficit in the first leg of the champions league as they won the return leg 6-1, meaning they won the tie 6-5 on aggregate against the powerful French team Paris Saint Germain. However, if it wasn’t for the silky skills of Neymar […]

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Junior Soccer Coach Heroes

Bashey’s Heroes

Didier Drogba My first hero is Didier Drogba because he scored the match winning goals in 4 FA Cup finals and the only Champions League they have ever won along with 9 goals in 9 cup finals. His records have made people name him”the ultimate game player” due to his goals and strength. Jose Mourinho […]

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Crossbar Challenge

The Crossbar Challenge

All of the players taking part stand in a line and wait for their turn. One player at a time stands from the distance that you set and strike a ball, aiming for the ball to hit the crossbar. If no one hits the crossbar then the closest one wins. If more than one person […]

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